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    .: A T L _ T W I N S

    A Series 4 U *

    BY: M R


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  2. James Franco TV

  3. New Dazed and Confused Magazine Article shot by Harmony Korine!

  4. Spring Break 4-Eva

  5. NYC chillin with Jeremy Scott and Charlotte Free!

  6. Oh you a Baller Boo?

  7. "Hey Grandma"

  8. Greased up and to Hot for Instagram… so fuck em! Big Booty Juicy Fruity! #PurplePanties

  9. gigglingwithgifs:

    Photos by Terry Richardson from Terry’s Diary!

  10. museproductions:

    Spring Breakers Sidney and Thurman (The ATL Twins) are Rolling Stone’s “Hot Double Trouble.” Grab the “Hot List” issue for yourself and take a peek into these dudes’ “supremely strange” lives. 

    (Image via the ATL Twins)