1. Atl twins fasho fucked your bitch with ease!

  2. #JovontaeTurner
    #MadeForSport …Fuckin

  3. The Homie @lifewithuzi shot these photos! That song #SceneGirl is the jam! We’re backin the Kid! He’s Dope!

  4. Snippets of the Future! Pay Attention Bitch!

  5. Tumblr our Nutz! Chomp on this! Shocker Mufuckaz!

  6. You Tumblr Fags are so annoying! You only repost other peoples bullshit! Create your own Content! Get on our Level! Use your mind not someone else’s!

  7. Rochambeau Studios in NYC shot by lifewithuzi

  8. tWIN X #DTF ATBooty Hudgens!
    Hallucinating Acid…Trip at the Brain…yea you know Wut I’m sayin @vanessahudgens

  9. 🍎pie

  10. Zef Fre$h 💰💰💰 YO-Landi 😈🐭😈 ATL t WIN z 👽 23 Stepz Ahead Of All You 🐷🐽🐷z